Advanced Tools in Reconfigurable Computing

I just found and interesting post on a blog on Reconfigurable Computing that I would like to share with you (visitors of this blog).

The future of FPGA programming will be C-based. You program the hardware in C (systemC, handel-C,...) and the software in C (HW/SW codesign).


enjoy reading


here is the link:


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Learn SystemC for developing FPGA applications

Hi all,


today I got myself the informaiton and tools to study SystemC for developing FPGA applications. For now I have only one problem for getting into this material and that is one big missing in my life: TIME!!!!


Here are the links where you can download and learn some SystemC tricks:

* Tutorials (blog): http://sclive.wordpress.com/tag/sytemc-tutorials/

* Tutorial (website): http://www.asic-world.com/systemc/index.html

* LiveCD for SystemC: http://www.esperan.com/livecd/index.html

This liveCD includes a tutorial from Esperan. They are a real good point to start with SystemC.


If you have developed some SystemC applications or have found other tutorials can you please post this as a reaction to this post?


thanks in advance you blog readers!


* by the way there is also a good tutorial on VHDL on one of those website check this out: http://www.asic-world.com/vhdl/index.html


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