1-wire LabVIEW FPGA driver

Today I posted my 1-wire driver on the NI forum. This 1-wire driver is designed to be used on a LabVIEW FPGA hardware target.


I developed it on the Xilinx Spartan3E board that I may use since I am a university user.


I try to write a lab for using this driver and also a small article in the next few days to get some more exposure in the world of LabVIEW FPGA for Xilinx board because in the future I maybe want to become a consultant in this area.




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7-segment Display on Xilinx SPARTAN3E Starter board with LabVIEW FPGA

This Application show an LabVIEW VI that is working as a driver for a 7-segment display.

project weblink:

code weblink:

Requirements: Application Software: LabVIEW Professional Development System 8.5 Addon Software: LabVIEW FPGA Module 8.5

I developed this Application on my Xilinx SPARTAN3E Starter Board. I used a Kingbright SA52-11 7-segment display.



VGA Controller on SPARTAN3E starter board

You can download an example project for the SPARTAN3E starter board on this website: http://www.mobile-it.be/projects.php


Direct link: http://pwo.fpga.be/IP/Mobile_it_be_VGA_driver.rar



Running Counter on SPARTAN3E Starter Board by use of LabVIEW FPGA

Ok, I just created a next example for the Spartan3E starter board. It is a running binary counter that I send to the LED's.




Just try to rebuild it; if you are not able to rebuild I am willing to send my bitfile to you.


Happy LabVIEW FPGA coding!


Interaction PC <--> SPARTAN3E starter board in LabVIEW

Here you can see the screenshot of a project I created to show how easy it is to create interaction between a PC and a XILINX SPARTAN3E starter board:

Project Managment  View:









Download the full project here


Be sure to read the full disclaimer of LabVIEW FPGA before starting to develop applications.



Today I experimented with LabVIEW FPGA targetting the Spartan3E University board. I worked all the projects out that where included in the pdf file you can get on the academic website of NI (National Instruments - http://www.ni.com ).

I have made:

* the LED example

* the LCD example

* the Switch example where you start from a empty project

* including an Xilinx ISE generated FIR filter (IP core integrating into LabVIEW FPGA) with this example I had some problems because the value of the signal that I sended to the ADC was not the correct value that was shown on my PC screen.


Links that could be handy:

* Spartan3E user guide of the starter board:


* download Spartan3E LabVIEW FPGA driver


* WORD version of the LabVIEW FPGA tutorial for the Spartan3E starter university board (for easy copy/pasting of the VHDL code for the IP core that has to be implemented :-) )




Program your Spartan 3E FPGA board with LabVIEW

Hi FPGA World,

ready for a new sensation that will in the next years rule the world of ESL (electronic system-level ) FPGA programming?

I just received my Academic Newsletter from NI.com (National Instruments the makers of LabVIEW and LabVIEW FPGA).

They introduced recently a driver for using LabVIEW to program your FPGA Silicon on the Xilinx Spartan 3E starter board.

 In this document they describe a way to program the FPGA boards LED's, LCD and a custom made Xilinx Spartan 3E LabVIEW project. They even show you how to integrate VHDL code into a Spartan 3E LabVIEW Project.


For people who can't wait and want to start graphically programming their FPGA's you can download everything here: http://digital.ni.com/express.nsf/bycode/spartan3e

Be sure that the people who download this driver and tutorial are all academic people .... read the license...

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