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Just found a rss based semiconductor news portal I would like to share with you:


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European Tech Tour Semiconductor Summit 06 Links

The following companies were selected to present during the European Tech Tour Semiconductor Summit 06.

Company nameContact PersonWebsite
Abilis SystemYves Mathyswww.abiliss.com
ArterisCharles Janacwww.arteris.com
ArtimiColin Macnabwww.artimi.com
ASOCSGilad Garonwww.asocstech.com
BroadlightAndrew Voughtwww.broadlight.com
Cavendish KineticsMike Beunderwww.cavendish-kinetics.com
ColorchipMoshe Pricewww.color-chip.com
CoreopticsHamid Arabzadehwww.coreoptics.com
CoresonicDaniel Svenssonwww.coresonic.com
Dialog Imaging SystemsRoland Pudelkowww.disimage.com
Dresden SiliconPatrick Herholdwww.dresdensilicon.com
EnOceanMarkus Brehlerwww.enocean.com
GemidisJan Lambrechtwww.gemidis.be
Let It WaveStephane Mallatwww.letitwave.fr
Lightstorm NetworksBryan Campbellwww.lightstormnetworks.com
M4SIvo Vandeweerd
Media Lario TechnologiesGiovanni Nocerinowww.media-lario.com
MESA ImagingJim Lewiswww.swissranger.ch
NanoradioPär Bergstenwww.nanoradio.com
NemerixRon Tortenwww.nemerix.com
picoChipGuillaume D’Eyssautierwww.picochip.com
RedMere TechnologyPeter Smythwww.redmeretechnology.com
Replisaurus TechnologiesJames Quinnwww.replisaurus.com
Sequans CommunicationsGeorges Karamwww.sequans.com
SiConnectTevor Sokellwww.siconnect.com
SilecsJaakko Kokkowww.silecs.com
SyntunePatrik Evaldssonwww.syntune.com
Upzide LabsMikael Isakssonwww.upzide.com
Xanadu WirelessCees Linkswww.xanadu-wireless.com
XeleratedJohan Börjewww.xelerated.com

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Bad periode for european fabs

It seems like it is going worse everyday with the European semiconductor industry.
We have some high-tech research facilities (IMEC, Crolles,...) but we can't produce or own chips in our continent?
Why is this? I don't know... But at the end of the story all the companies that are outsourcing their IC production
are not healthy because the market is like everyone does the same thing.
When you want to be a big good player you must have your own production, engineering and R&D.
When you outsource your production it can be that soon the factory that makes your product comes with the same product with another name 
Read the following related story about NXP outsourcing it's production of IC's to TSMC

NXP going fabless after 90nm.

NXP has now said that all its production will be sourced from TSMC for chips with more advanced processes than 90nm.

NXP's rationale for the move is that TSMC can provide processes better than 90nm so why go to all the trouble of developing your own?

Funny how quickly attitudes can change. When NXP was part of Philips, when Pasquale Pistorio ran STMicroelectronics, before Freescale was bought by private equity funds, it was held as axiomatic by all three companies that it was an important competitive advantage to have access to the most advanced digital CMOS processes, and that the only way to achieve that was by developing them yourself

That was the rationale for getting the EU to pour hundreds of millions of Euros into Crolles over the years. Now, all three companies have pulled out of doing basic advanced digital CMOS research at Crolles.

Now, it seems, it doesn't matter whether you develop basic advanced CMOS process technology or not. Instead you can go to a public foundry, which is open to all, and have your chips made on the same terms as everyone else.

"If every company goes to foundries, using the same processes and cell libraries as everyone else, what differentiation can a company offer customers?", asks Malcolm Penn, CEO of analysts Future Horizons, "five years down the road, when ST (and for ST read NXP as well) asks: 'Why haven't we got any customers', the reply will be: 'We can get this from loads of other people cheaper, now that they're making them in the Congo




Research in motion (From US and Europe to Asia)

Today I received my copy of the new EuroAsia Semiconductor magazine (if you are interested check out; http://www.euroasiasemiconductor.com.


The first page from this magazine was a so true story about the move of the Semiconductor Research... if I made you curious you can read it online at http://www.euroasiasemiconductor.com/news_full.php?id=7829


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Achronix gets money for multi-Ghz FPGA!

SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Achronix Semiconductor Corporation, the multi-GHz Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) company today announced that it has completed a $25.4 million Series A Preferred Stock financing. New York-based New Science Ventures and Waltham-based Battery Ventures led the transaction, which also included Entrepia Ventures and Easton Capital Investment Group. Larkspur Capital Corporation advised Achronix and acted as the placement agent for the transaction.

"The Achronix solution is compelling because multi-GHz performance can be achieved with an architecture and toolset familiar to existing designers," said Somu Subramaniam, Managing Partner of New Science Ventures. "The company is uniquely positioned to address the $20+ billion high-performance segment of the global ASIC/ASSP/FPGA market."

"Over the years we have evaluated many companies in this space and we never invested until now," said Morgan Jones, General Partner from Battery Ventures. "Achronix is clearly differentiated from the other players by its technology, its strategy, its team, and its ability to execute."

The Achronix financing is one of the largest technology Series A rounds in the last several years and comes on the heels of more than two years of self-funded development by Achronix that resulted in proving multi-GHz performance in silicon, executing strategic partnerships with key electronic design automation providers, and recruiting a management team of successful Silicon Valley veterans.

"We are very excited to be backed by such a high quality group of financing partners with proven track records of success in building great technology companies," said John Lofton Holt, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Achronix. "This level of financing, when combined with our proven technology and our world class team, will allow us to deliver unprecedented performance to our customers in 2007 and beyond."

About Achronix Semiconductor

Achronix Semiconductor is a privately held fabless corporation based in San Jose, California. Achronix builds the world's fastest field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) achieving 2 GHz system performance. FPGAs are reconfigurable devices, enabling short time-to-market and field upgrades. Applications of FPGAs include communications, networking, high performance computing, digital signal processing, aerospace and defense systems, medical imaging, and a growing range of other areas. Information about Achronix can be found on the Internet at http://www.achronix.com/ .

About New Science Ventures

New Science Ventures, LLC is a New York-based venture capital fund focused on science-based investments with the potential to create order of magnitude improvements in costs or performance. Previous investments have been in the semiconductor, life science, and material science sectors. NSV's portfolio includes investments in the US, Europe, India and China and is balanced between early and late stage companies.

About Battery Ventures

Since 1983, Battery has been investing in technology and innovation worldwide. The firm partners with entrepreneurs and management teams across technology sectors, geographies and stages of a company's life, from start-up and expansion financing, to growth equity and buyouts. Battery has supported many breakthrough companies around the world, including: Airespace (acquired by Cisco), Akamai Technologies (AKAM), Cbeyond (CBEY), LIFFE (acquired by Euronext), Neoteris (acquired by NetScreen Technologies), and SigmaTel (SGTL). Its current portfolio includes emerging firms such as Advent Solar, Lion Cells, Netezza, Spot Runner, and Tejas Networks, as well as more established companies such as ITA Software, Made2Manage, MetroPCS, and Nova Analytics.

From offices in Boston, Silicon Valley and Israel, Battery manages more than $2B in committed capital. For more information, visit http://www.battery.com/ .

About Entrepia Ventures

Entrepia Ventures invests in private, technology-based, expansion-stage companies that stand to benefit from market or technology affiliation with Japan. Operating out of offices in Santa Clara, Montreal and Tokyo, Entrepia helps its portfolio companies generate incremental top-line growth to become more competitive, successful and valuable. Anchored on access, relationships, a hands-on approach, and on-the-ground presence, Entrepia's "Japan link" strategy is directed towards investment opportunities worldwide in IT, communications, electronics and core technologies.

About Easton Capital Investment Group

Easton Capital Investment Group is a New York-based venture capital firm with a broad portfolio of investments, primarily in growth capital and healthcare opportunities. It currently invests through two funds, Easton Capital Partners LP and Easton Hunt New York LP. Easton's target investments are well-managed companies characterized by differentiated products addressing major unserved markets. Easton's partners have more than 180 years experience in venture capital, having managed more than $1.5 billion in assets. Easton has offices in Manhattan and Florida. For more information, visit http://www.eastoncapital.com/ .

About Larkspur Capital (Placement Agent)

Larkspur Capital Corporation is an NASD Broker dealer that structures and finances acquisitions and expansions through the private debt and equity markets. Since 1995, Larkspur has been active in a broad range of industries including technology and healthcare. It is based in New York City.

Achronix Semiconductor Corporation

CONTACT: Greg Martin of Achronix Semiconductor Corporation,
+1-408-889-4142, greg@achronix.com

Web site: http://www.achronix.com/


Why 2007 will be a good year for the semiconductor industry...

Check out this article:



This is why:


SAN JOSE, Calif. — Based on a record setting level of new fabs coming online in 2007, Strategic Marketing Associates Inc. (SMA) expects capital spending to hit $60 billion in 2007.

''This will be the second highest level of spending in the history of the industry,'' said George Burns, president of market research firm SMA (San Luis Obispo, Calif.).

SMA expects 29 fabs to come online and begin volume production this year. The value of these fabs when fully equipped will exceed $44 billion.

As many as nine new DRAM fabs will come online in 2007. ''Companies like Powerchip, TECH Semiconductor, ProMOS, Samsung, Nanya, Inotera Hynix, and Winbond will all bring new DRAM fabs online,'' Burns said in a statement.

Burns expects that $8.5 billion of new microprocessor fabs by Intel and AMD will also come online in 2007, as well as $4.5 billion of new flash memory fabs. ''Add in almost $4 billion of new foundry fabs,'' Burns said, ''and its almost inevitable that capital spending will grow this year.''

''Already companies like Micron, AMD, TSMC, SanDisk, Inotera and ProMOS have indicated that they will be budget more in 2007 than in 2006,'' according to Burns.

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