How to choose the right RTOS

Since today we all want to install an OS on an FPGA let's have a look at a nice article on Programmable Logic Deisgnline:


link: http://www.pldesignline.com/howto/showArticle.jhtml?artic...


This article helps you with making a choose for a RTOS for your FPGA/ASIC platform.

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Interesting Presentation - Morgan Stanley about the future of high-tech communication

Today I found an interesting article on the future of high-tech communication systems (the economical aspect of it). It is a good starting point to learn how you can make some $$ in the future with building new communication platforms.


I have uploaded it to my personal Google webspace check it out here Presentation


Oh yes I forgot to mention: it is a presentation from Morgan Stanley (or is it MorganStanley???  ) and it is titled: 'Telesoft Partners EcoSystem Meeting'


enjoy it!