LabVIEW FPGA Example for SPARTAN3E Starter board

I just created an example for the SPARTAN3E starter board in LabVIEW FPGA. I connected the SW0 and SW1 with LD0 and LD1. So you see if the corresponding switch is on or off.


Enjoy the example

You can download the created bitfile here.

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Program your Spartan 3E FPGA board with LabVIEW

Hi FPGA World,

ready for a new sensation that will in the next years rule the world of ESL (electronic system-level ) FPGA programming?

I just received my Academic Newsletter from NI.com (National Instruments the makers of LabVIEW and LabVIEW FPGA).

They introduced recently a driver for using LabVIEW to program your FPGA Silicon on the Xilinx Spartan 3E starter board.

 In this document they describe a way to program the FPGA boards LED's, LCD and a custom made Xilinx Spartan 3E LabVIEW project. They even show you how to integrate VHDL code into a Spartan 3E LabVIEW Project.


For people who can't wait and want to start graphically programming their FPGA's you can download everything here: http://digital.ni.com/express.nsf/bycode/spartan3e

Be sure that the people who download this driver and tutorial are all academic people .... read the license...

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Libero v8.0

I have just downloaded my copy of Libero Version 8.0. I have just started it for seeing the UI. The SmartDesign tool in the Libero IDE will be easy to use I think. Soon I will post here a small example on how to use it... I have other work to do at this time sorry guys ;-)


For the release notes see the following link: http://www.actel.com/download/software/libero/libero80rl....



A Project manager in Libero IDE whoohw!!!


SmartDesign will be amazing!

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