Soon Actel FPGA's for the mass!!!

Today I have read the following article: http://www.pldesignline.com/201802670?cid=RSSfeed_program...

This looks like a nice module; especially for solution providers that don't make their own boards. This board is also a nice tool to use in the education sector like in the Universities. 


I am convinced that for learning purposes of FPGA programming it is better to start with the design flow for ACTEL fpga's. Every step you make is clear in their Libero IDE toolchain.


I hope that the price will soon fall down of that module so that their is an change to create a more community of ACTEL FPGA Developers.


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ACTEL FPGA developers community

I just opened the ACTEL FPGA developers community which is a mailinglist of all Actel FPGA developers. It will be a meeting place from ACTEL FPGA developers all over the world. If you would like to know where people are working on with ACTEL fpga's just join the mailinglist.




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