Running Led Program for CoreABC

I did a new sample program for the CoreABC from Actel (I progammed this on my M7A3PE600 FPGA. This program is a running led be sure to press the NSYSRESET button to run the program.


In your CoreConsole Project You just have to put a CoreABC softcore CPU and bring out IO, PCLK and NSYSRESET to the Top Level.


On the ARM7 Board you can connect PCLK to Pin W17, IO to the Led's and for instance NSYSRESET to pin U3



// Running LED
$LedOff    IOWRT 0
    CALL $Wait500ms
$LedOne    IOWRT 1
    CALL $Wait500ms
$LedTwo    IOWRT 2
    CALL $Wait500ms
$LedThree  IOWRT 4
    CALL $Wait500ms
$LedFour   IOWRT 8
    CALL $Wait500ms
$LedFive   IOWRT 16
    CALL $Wait500ms
$LedSix    IOWRT 32
    CALL $Wait500ms
$LedSeven  IOWRT 64
    CALL $Wait500ms
$LedEight  IOWRT 128
    CALL $Wait500ms
    JUMP $LedOff

    CALL $Wait100ms
    CALL $Wait100ms
    CALL $Wait100ms
    CALL $Wait100ms
    CALL $Wait20ms
    CALL $Wait40ms
    CALL $Wait20ms
    CALL $Wait10ms
    LOADLOOP 34998
    JUMP IFNOT LOOPZ $Wait10msInner

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