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EMS stands for Electronic Manufacturing Service 

Here are the top-100 EMS providers world-wide. It's a pitty to see not much European companies on this list... please european government work on this item.

2007 Top 100 EMS
1. Hon Hai Precision
2. Flextronics
3. Asustek
4. Quanta Computer
5. Solectron
6. Sanmina-SCI
7. Jabil
8. Celestica
9. Inventec
10. TPV Technology
11. Wistron
12. BenQ
13. Elcoteq
14. Benchmark Electronics
15. Cal-Comp Electronics
16. Venture Corporation
17. Universal Scientific Industrial
18. Plexus
19. SIIX
20. Pemstar
21. Nam Tai Electronics
22. Jurong Technologies
23. Viasystems Group
24. Beyonics
25. Kimball Electronics Group
26. Elite Industrial Group
27. Alco Electronics
28. Hitachi OMD
29. Aeroflex
30. Zollner Elektronik
31. CEMS
32. .M-Flex
33. Wong's Electronics
34. Partnertech
35. GES International
36. Hana Microelectronics
37. Fabrinet
38. Integrated Microelectronics
39. CTS
40. WKK Technology
41. enics
42. Videoton
43. Surface Mount Technology
44. Suntron
45. Scanfil
46. Flash Electronics
47. Neways Electronics
48. Orient Semiconductor Electronics
49. Sinbon Electronics
50. Simclar Group
51. Kitron
52. SMTC
53. NOTE
54. Computime
55. BreconRidge
56. EPIC Technologies
57. VTech Communications
58. Vogt Electronics
59. COB Technologies
60. MC Assembly
61. DRS Laurel Technologies
62. LaBarge
63. Creation Technologies
64. Nu Visions Manufacturing
65. Saturn Electronics & Engineering
66. DDi
67. KeyTronic EMS
68. Mid-South Industries
69. Topscom
70. Sparton
71. Phoenix International
72. TT EMS
73. Sypris Electronics
74. SigmaTron International
75. Mack Technologies
76. ACT Electronics
77. Deswell Industries
78. Gul Technologies
79. Nortech Systems
80. Cofidur
81. The Morey Corporation
82. Micro Dynamics
83. Bulova Technologies
84. Victron
85. Columbia Tech
86. SMS Technologies
87. Raven Industries
88. Innova Electronics
89. Express Manufacturing
90. Applied Technical Services
91. Riverside Electronics
92. Trivirix
93. Circuit Service
94. HEI
95. IntriCon
96. EIT
97. Total Electronics
98. Microtek
99. Computrol
100. EI Microcircuits

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Actel Announces First Quarter 2007 Revenues Options

Mountain View, Calif. -- Apr 24, 2007 --  Actel Corporation (NASDAQ:
ACTL) today announced net revenues for the first quarter of 2007,
which ended April 1, 2007. No additional financial results for the
first quarter will be available until after completion of the ongoing
review of the Company's historical stock option practices and related

Net revenues for the first quarter of 2007 were $48.6 million, up 5
percent from the first quarter of 2006 and up one percent from the
fourth quarter of 2006.

Revenue Outlook - Second Quarter 2007

The Company believes that second quarter revenues will be flat
sequentially, plus or minus two percent. This is a "forward-looking
statement" within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation
Reform Act of 1995 and should be read with the "Risk Factors" in the
Company's most recent Form 10-Q, which can be found on Actel's web
site, www.actel.com. The Company's quarterly revenues are subject to a
multitude of risks, including general economic conditions and a
variety of risks specific to Actel or characteristic of the
semiconductor industry, such as fluctuating demand, intense
competition, rapid technological change and related intellectual
property and international trade issues, wafer and other supply
shortages, and booking and shipment uncertainties. These and the other
Risk Factors make it difficult for the Company to accurately project
quarterly revenues, and could cause actual results to differ
materially from those projected in the forward-looking statement.
Actel does not assume, and expressly disclaims, any duty to update the
forward-looking statement and Risk Factors.

Stock Option Review

As previously announced:

On September 22, 2006, a Special Committee of the Board of Directors
of Actel, composed of independent directors and assisted by
independent counsel, was appointed to review the Company's historical
stock option grant practices and related accounting.
Actel voluntarily informed the staff of the Securities and Exchange
Commission ("SEC") about the internal review and is cooperating with
the SEC in its informal inquiry.
On January 18, 2007, Actel's management concluded that shareholders
and other investors should no longer rely on the Company's financial
statements and the related reports or interim reviews of Actel's
independent registered public accounting firm and all earnings press
releases and similar communications issued by the Company for fiscal
periods commencing on or after January 1, 1996.
On January 30, 2007, the Special Committee presented its preliminary
findings to the Board of Directors. The preliminary findings are
described in a Current Report on Form 8-K filed by Actel on February
1, 2007.
On March 9, 2007, the Special Committee delivered its final report to
the Board of Directors.
Working with its independent registered public accounting firm, the
Company is evaluating corrections to measurement dates and other
related accounting issues and is quantifying the financial and tax
impact of those corrections and related issues. In lieu of amending
its prior SEC filings to restate financial statements, Actel intends
to include in its Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended
December 31, 2006, the comprehensive disclosure outlined in guidance
posted by the SEC Chief Accountant's Office on January 16, 2007.
The Company has received notices from The Nasdaq Stock Market
("Nasdaq") of staff determinations that Actel is not in compliance
with the requirement for continued listing set forth in Nasdaq
Marketplace Rule 4310(c)(14), under which listed companies must file
all required SEC reports, and Rules 4350(e) and 4350(g), under which
companies must hold an annual meeting of shareholders, solicit
proxies, and provide proxy statements to Nasdaq. On February 16, 2007,
a Nasdaq Listing Qualifications Panel ("Panel") granted the Company's
request for continued listing, subject to certain conditions.
On April 2, 2007, the Nasdaq Listing and Hearing Review Council
("Listing Council") stayed the February 16, 2007, decision of the
Panel pending a review by the Listing Council of the merits of the
Panel's decision. By June 20, 2007, the Nasdaq Listing Qualifications
Department will provide the Listing Council with an updated
qualifications summary sheet and any additional information that staff
believes would assist the Listing Council in its review of this
matter. The Company may submit any additional information that it
wishes the Listing Council to consider by June 29, 2007.

The Company will not announce full financial results for the first
quarter of 2007 until it files its Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for
the fiscal quarter ended April 1, 2007. The Company intends to file
its delinquent SEC periodic reports, including any required
restatements, and solicit proxies and hold an annual shareholders'
meeting as soon as practicable.

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