VGA Controller on SPARTAN3E starter board

You can download an example project for the SPARTAN3E starter board on this website: http://www.mobile-it.be/projects.php


Direct link: http://pwo.fpga.be/IP/Mobile_it_be_VGA_driver.rar



Bash Scripting

I just wrote a 6 slides long introduction to Bash Scripting.

This introduction is only for people who already know how to power on and off a computer :-)

 Read it and let me know what you think.

Bash Scripting

Vincent Claes



mkdir DevProject

cd DevProject

nano testprogram.c

put in this file the code for c program (for example see next slide)

control + o

press enter to save file to testprogram.c

control + x to exit nano

nano bashscript.sh

put in this file code for bash script

control +o

press enter to save file to bashscript.sh

control + x to exit nano

chmod 744 bashscript.sh

./bashscript.sh testprogram

* (if you want to use this script for other c-files you can do it by using ./bashscript.sh <putherefilenameofprogram without .c> )

C Program

// created by Vincent Claes


#include <stdio.h>



printf("Hello Worldn");


Bash Program


#Created by Vincent claes

echo "Script to automatically compile and run C program"

gcc $1".c" -o $1


Cygwin Screen

Bash Script for viewing assembler code


#Created by Vincent Claes


echo "Script for viewing assembler file created from C program"

gcc $1".c" –S

cat $1".S"

 Link: Slides

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Congratulations to the Belgian winners of the 2007 3G A-List Awards:





The product was a composition of:

  • Compaq Laptops
  • Option Globetrotter 3G Wireless Cards
  • Proximus 3G Network

For more information you can read the pdf


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