Make your own electronic T-shirts!!!

See the next video on youtube on how you can create an electronic T-shirt.


When you wear it everyone will have a look at you on the street ;-)




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Interesting Links for (Open Source) Software defined radio (SDR)

I have found some interesting articles on SDR (software defined radio)


check them out:






http://hpsdr.org/ (High Performance Software Defined Radio)



Enjoy the links!


Nice Engineering quotes

I have found on the internet 2 good I share it here with you guys:


An optimist will tell you the glass is half-full; the pessimist, half-empty; and the engineer will tell you the glass is twice the size it needs to be


link: http://thinkexist.com/quotes/with/keyword/engineer/


I am an Engineer
I serve mankind
by making dreams come true.

link: http://www.bristol.ac.uk/civilengineering/aboutus/enginee...


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How to choose the right RTOS

Since today we all want to install an OS on an FPGA let's have a look at a nice article on Programmable Logic Deisgnline:


link: http://www.pldesignline.com/howto/showArticle.jhtml?artic...


This article helps you with making a choose for a RTOS for your FPGA/ASIC platform.

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European Tech Tour Semiconductor Summit 06 Links

The following companies were selected to present during the European Tech Tour Semiconductor Summit 06.

Company nameContact PersonWebsite
Abilis SystemYves Mathyswww.abiliss.com
ArterisCharles Janacwww.arteris.com
ArtimiColin Macnabwww.artimi.com
ASOCSGilad Garonwww.asocstech.com
BroadlightAndrew Voughtwww.broadlight.com
Cavendish KineticsMike Beunderwww.cavendish-kinetics.com
ColorchipMoshe Pricewww.color-chip.com
CoreopticsHamid Arabzadehwww.coreoptics.com
CoresonicDaniel Svenssonwww.coresonic.com
Dialog Imaging SystemsRoland Pudelkowww.disimage.com
Dresden SiliconPatrick Herholdwww.dresdensilicon.com
EnOceanMarkus Brehlerwww.enocean.com
GemidisJan Lambrechtwww.gemidis.be
Let It WaveStephane Mallatwww.letitwave.fr
Lightstorm NetworksBryan Campbellwww.lightstormnetworks.com
M4SIvo Vandeweerd
Media Lario TechnologiesGiovanni Nocerinowww.media-lario.com
MESA ImagingJim Lewiswww.swissranger.ch
NanoradioPär Bergstenwww.nanoradio.com
NemerixRon Tortenwww.nemerix.com
picoChipGuillaume D’Eyssautierwww.picochip.com
RedMere TechnologyPeter Smythwww.redmeretechnology.com
Replisaurus TechnologiesJames Quinnwww.replisaurus.com
Sequans CommunicationsGeorges Karamwww.sequans.com
SiConnectTevor Sokellwww.siconnect.com
SilecsJaakko Kokkowww.silecs.com
SyntunePatrik Evaldssonwww.syntune.com
Upzide LabsMikael Isakssonwww.upzide.com
Xanadu WirelessCees Linkswww.xanadu-wireless.com
XeleratedJohan Börjewww.xelerated.com

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I Just added my blog to the technorati searchengine: check it out here: Technorati Profile

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Which countries did I visit in the past?

I found a nice website online where it is easy to make a map of all the countries you have been visiting for holiday, business etc. Check it out.!!!



This is my map:



create your own visited country map or check our Venice travel guide

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