Blinking leds by use of CoreABC, CoreGPIO and CoreAPB

According to the technical contacts I have within ACTEL it is not possible at this time to write the value you have in the accumulator to the parallel outputs on the softcore (CoreABC). In order to do something like this you have to experiment like me with the following cores in your coreconsole: CoreABC, CoreGPIO and CoreAPB.


Check out my set-up in coreconsole:


The program I have placed into the hard-tiles of the CoreABC are the following lines:

    JUMP $Main

$LedOff    APBWRT DAT 0 0 1
    CALL $Wait500ms
$LedOn    APBWRT DAT 0 0 3
    CALL $Wait500ms
    JUMP $LedOff
    CALL $Wait100ms
    CALL $Wait100ms
    CALL $Wait100ms
    CALL $Wait100ms
    CALL $Wait20ms
    CALL $Wait40ms
    CALL $Wait20ms
    CALL $Wait10ms
    LOADLOOP 34998
    JUMP IFNOT LOOPZ $Wait10msInner
With thanks to ACTEL corporation for bringing us the CoreABC softcore processor and example 1 of this great softcore
Here we use the CoreABC processor as it is designed for... being a Master on the APB bus on our ACTEL fpga. the CoreGPIO is a slave core on this APB bus.
I implemented this program on my ProASIC3 A3P250 PQ208ES 0539 FPGA and the board I used for this is the A3PE-A3P-EVAL-BRD1 REV3.
Enjoy this sample.....

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