Blinking Led on ProASIC3 by use of CoreABC microcontroller

The next few lines are an introduction (if you like: a step-by-step guide, a tutorial) on how to use the CoreABC processor core on a ProASIC3 (A3PE-A3P-EVAL-BRD1) board. It shows you how to set up the core, how to copy/paste a working example program and how to use this program.


Enjoy it!


The first thing you have to do is start up the CoreConsole tool from ACTEL. You have to create a new project for this tutorial. In this project place 1 CoreABC block on the 'workspace'. After you have done this you have to make some settings: like there are: Connecting PCLK, NSYSRESET and IO to the Top level of your design. Another thing you have to do is configuring the softcore for using it with ProASIC3 FPGA's. (see also screenshots below).





On the second screenshot be sure you click the 'Program' Tab and put the following code in it:


JUMP $Main







$LedOff    IOWRT 0

    CALL $Wait500ms

$LedOn    IOWRT 1

    CALL $Wait500ms

    JUMP $LedOff



    CALL $Wait100ms


    CALL $Wait100ms


    CALL $Wait100ms


    CALL $Wait100ms


    CALL $Wait20ms


    CALL $Wait40ms


    CALL $Wait20ms


    CALL $Wait10ms



    LOADLOOP 34998



    JUMP IFNOT LOOPZ $Wait10msInner





After this you just have to set up a new project in Libero IDE and import the core in this project (see screenshot).


Normally there are no green icons on your programming way yet (I took this screenshot after I had fully programmed my fpga).


Hit the Synthesis tool (Synplicity Actel Edition) and push the Run button in this program.


After this step you have to use the Place&Route tool. Be sure to make the following settings:


Remember that pin 26 is the clock on this Actel ProASIC3 board.

After you have created the stpl file from the Place&Route tool you can Program the FPGA by use of the FlashPro Tool




When you want to test the program you just have created just press the SW1 button on your board.


Enjoy this tutorial on implementing the CoreABC softcore on a ProASIC3 FPGA.


(The problem I had the first time I tried this was that I didn't connect the NSYSRESET pin to the top level).


I used an ProASIC3 A3P250 PQ208ES 0539 FPGA.



For Screenshots please see the following WORD document: Screenshots


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