European chip sales growing fast, says SIA

LONDON — European sales of semiconductors continued to improve in the latter part of 2006, with the three-month moving average of sales for September to November up by 14.8 percent on the previous three months, outpacing all other regions according to the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).

Sales in Europe increased from an average of $3.2 billion a month during June to August to $3.68 billion for September to November, while those for the Americas region increased by 3.8 percent to $4 billion, with Japan increasing 8.6 percent to $4.25 billion and Asia Pacific also doing well growing by 12.9 percent to $10.8 billion.

Global sales of semiconductors reached $22.7 billion in November according to the SIA, an increase of 11.3 percent from the $20.4 billion in November 2005. Sales increased by 3.1 percent from the $22.0 billion reported in October.

For the first 11 months of 2006, worldwide semiconductor sales totaled $225.1 billion, an increase of 9.4 percent from the like period of 2005 when sales were $205.7 billion.

Europe also fared well for month-to-month sales, up 4 percent in November 2006 to $3.7 billion, while sales in the Americas region declined by 0.5 percent to $4 billion. Asia Pacific fared best, growing by 4.4 percent between October to November to reach $10.8 billion, with Japan showing a 2.6 percent rise to $4.25 billion.

However, Europe is still the poorest performer in 2006, with year to year sales to Novemmber only recording a growth of 4.3 percent to $3.7 billion, reflecting the a slow start to sales in 2006. Asia Pacific grew at the strongest pace, up 15 percent to $10.8 billion, with chip sales up 6.6 percent in the Americas to $4 billion.


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