Austrian foundry manufactures DS2 chips

Austrian foundry manufactures DS2 chips

Austriamicrosystems AG has been contracted to manufacture the DSS7800 for Diseno de Sistemas en Silicio SA (Valencia, Spain.

December 29 2006, 5:09 AM (EE Times)
by:  Jesper Olsson
According to EETimes the foundry business unit within Austriamicrosystems AG has said it has been contracted to produce the DSS7800 IC for Diseno de Sistemas en Silicio SA (Valencia, Spain), also known as Design for Systems on Silicon or DS2.

The analog chip is expected to be the basis for development of 200-Mbit per second powerline communications products.

"We will be demonstrating this product during the Consumer Electronic Show, Las Vegas," said Jorge Blasco, president and chief executive officer of DS2, in a statement issued by austriamicrosystems (Unterpremstaetten, Austria).

"The innovative analog chip DSS7800 is already the second successful product in our long lasting cooperation with DS2," said Peter Gasteiner, senior vice president and general manager of foundry at austriamicrosystems, in the same statement.

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