European FPGA company!!!



We (Europeans) may be celebrating today. Today I noticed about a company that is working on FPGA technology (not the software - VHDL - Verilog) But more the Hardware topic of the FPGA topics (although it is some Software IP ;);) )


Check this out:


LONDON — Menta, a French company, is offering a reconfigurable field-programmable gate array (FPGA) fabric for license and inclusion in customers’ system-chips.

Menta (Montpellier, France) does not indicate the granularity of its architecture, what underlying memory technology it is based on, or where it has obtained any necessary patent licenses. Nor does it give a size or size range for its FPGA macros.

The embedded FPGA macro cell is customizable to make it domain-specific, the company said. “Our solution provides a complete set of software and hardware IP solutions for digital signal processing, networking, telecommunication, wireless communication, security and multimedia applications,” the company said in a statement. The Menta eFPGA core can be integrated within a general purpose processor, connected to a processor as a coprocessor or as a peripheral that is accessed through an on-chip bus, the company added.

“FPGA vendors provide devices made of microprocessors embedded into reconfigurable logic — Menta goes the other way around: we embed eFPGAs into microprocessors: resulting chips are less expensive, and programming is much easier” says Laurent Rouge, chief executive officer of Menta in a statement.

The company said that a particular strength of its FPGA architecture is that is dynamically reconfigurable in a process that is hidden from software engineers. “Because all our customers’ needs are different, all our eFPGAs are different,” said Laurent.

According to the company’s website it is also offering a dynamically reconfigurable 32-bit RISC processor with the proprietary eFPGA core directly inserted into its instruction pipeline. The processor is equivalent to 225,000 gates of logic and is capable of running at 60-MHz clock frequency on a Xilinx Virtex-4 SX35 FPGA. If the processor is implemented in a 0.13-micron process it can operate at up to a 400-MHz clock frequency.

France has a tradition of working with FPGA architectures and M2000 SA licensed an FPGA macro to STMicroelectronics for inclusion in an ARM9-based microcontroller aimed at the wireless infrastructure market in 2005. The 150,000-equivalent-gate block of programmable logic added a 4000 look-up table (LUT) capability to the ARM microcontroller, called the GreenField-STW21000.




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