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Field-Programmable Analog Array Terminology

As different companies enter the FPAA and FPMA markets, new terminology is bound to appear. The following is an attempt to clear up the current terminology.

  • Field-Programmable Analog Array (FPAA) - An integrated circuit which can be programmed to implement analog circuits using flexible analog blocks and interconnect.
  • Field-Programmable Mixed-Analog-Digital Array (FPMA) - An integrated circuit which contains a FPAA and a FPGA, as well as configurable converter blocks, and which can be programmed to implement mixed-signal circuits.
  • Electrically Programmable Analog Circuit (EPAC) - IMP, Inc.'s version of a FPAA; EPAC is a registered trademark of IMP, Inc.
  • Totally Reconfigurable Analog Circuit (TRAC) - Zetex Semiconductors Ltd.'s FPAA.
  • Field Programmable Analog Device (FPAD) - Zetex's (FAS) name for an FPAA.
  • Reseau analogique programmable (RAP) - French name for FPAA.
  • Configurable Analog Block (CAB) - Basic programmable analog cell on an FPAA.
  • FIeld Programmable System-On-a-Chip (FIPSOC) - SIDSA's integrated FPMA and microcontroller chip.

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