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AirMagnet Announces Laptop-Based Wi-Fi Spectrum Analyzer
11:27AM 6/15/05  

AirMagnet, Inc., the leader in WLAN security and performance solutions, today announced a new laptop-based RF spectrum analysis solution for Wi-Fi networks. The AirMagnet(R) Spectrum Analyzer -- based on Cognio's patented Intelligent Spectrum Management(TM) System (ISMS) -- is the industry's first to identify the specific sources of interference that can undermine the performance of wireless networks.

The AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer complements AirMagnet Laptop, the world's most popular Wi-Fi performance and security troubleshooting tool, with its unique ability to proactively identify and find the sources of interference in all of the Wi-Fi bands. With more than 3,500 corporate customers worldwide and more than 200 resellers and distributors in 100 countries, AirMagnet is already the world's leading developer of solutions for Wi-Fi intrusion prevention, security auditing, troubleshooting and site surveys.

"Spectrum analysis can provide our customers valuable information that helps them diagnose network problems, but only if the information is specific and presented in a way that is easy to understand," said Dean Au, president and CEO of AirMagnet. "Cognio's technology adds intelligent analysis that's not possible with proprietary hardware solutions. Used in conjunction with our WLAN Laptop Analyzer, AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer allows users to ensure maximum network security and uptime for their wireless networks."

The AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer provides more specific, useful analysis than traditional spectrum analyzers that run on proprietary hardware. Since the AirMagnet product runs on industry-standard laptops, it is also easier to use, more convenient and less expensive than alternatives. AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer allows network managers to:

-- Perform real-time RF spectrum analysis for troubleshooting WLANs.
-- Detect and identify specific interfering devices in real time, including Bluetooth, cordless phones, microwave ovens and video cameras.
-- Pinpoint the location of problematic wireless devices.
-- Measure RF "air quality," including metrics for radio congestion.
-- Create graphical display of Wi-Fi spectrum in nine simultaneous charts and graphs.
-- Analyze all Wi-Fi and public safety bands of spectrum in use today, including 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g.

"The Spectrum Analyzer from Cognio and AirMagnet allows general IT staff to use and benefit from spectrum analysis without requiring an advanced understanding of RF technology," said Tom McPherson, CEO of Cognio. "Users can now quickly and easily determine the specific cause and immediate impact of RF problems."

The AirMagnet Spectrum Analyzer will be available to customers at the end of June. For pricing and additional information, please contact AirMagnet at sales@airmagnet.com.

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