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Windows Mobile 5.0 is deficient - Microsoft STILL does not get it what customers need
May 12, 2005; [General]
Many news sources keep praising Microsoft for releasing Windows Mobile 5.0 and they fail to notice that Windows Mobile 5.0 is very deficient and in fact one can just say that "Windows Mobile 5.0 is a minor upgrade: the source code of Windows Mobile 2003 has been recompiled under new core operating system - Windows CE 5.0 instead of Windows CE 4.2 - and new more fancy looking user interface has been added".

Many things are still not fixed in Windows Mobile 5.0 and it is more evolution than a revolution... here some examples: let's take a look at this screen shot (Pocket PC with square display powered by Windows Mobile 5.0):

Windows Mobile 5.0 

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