Automotive WiFi Wardriver Multimedia Box

As a hobby project I have started the creation of an automotive Wifi Wardriver multimedia box. The box stands for quality; I shall be created using a very old pc running the Linux OS. The multimedia part of it will be done by trying to implement a fm-modulator on the sound-card so that no wires are needed to connect the box with the radio of the car.

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OPENGL for J2ME enabled devices...

Apr. 27, 2005

Aplix Corporation will integrate several 2D and 3D graphics standard implementations from Hybrid Graphics into its Java platform for mobile phones and devices. The partnership will bring Hybrid's OpenVG, SVG, JSR 266, M3G (JSR 184), OpenGL ES, and JSR 239 implementations to Aplix's JBlend product.

(Click for larger view of cool-looking J2ME Wireless Toolkit device emulator)

Aplix claims to be the leading provider of Java platforms for mobile phones, and says its JBlend platform has shipped in 67 million devices, including 61 phone models available in Japan and 40 available outside Japan. The company says hardware-accelerated 3D graphics are common in Japanese phones today, and that demand for 3D content is driving a push toward open graphics standards, in order to ensure diversity among content developers.

According to Aplix, open standards can be used in games, navigation, and instrumentation. The company says that JBlend licensees will be able to get high-quality content from a large number of developers, thanks to its support for open standards.

Open standard implementations to be integrated include:

  • The Khronos Group's OpenVG (open vector graphics) standard

  • The W3C's SVG (scalable vector graphics) standard

  • JSR 266 (Java specification request 266), unified message box access API (UMBA-API)

  • M3G, or JSR 184, mobile 3D graphics API for J2ME

  • The Khronos Group's OpenGL ES (embedded subset)

  • JSR 239 Java bindings for OpenGL ES

Hybrid Graphics, of Helsinki, says it actively participates in several Java JSR standard groups, and is a board member of the Khronos Group. Aplix is based in Japan and Taiwan, with regional offices around the world.

Hybrid Graphics CEO Mikael Honkavaara said, "Covering the global market requires established partners with strong multi-regional presence."

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new site is launched....

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PocketMusic for Smartphone released

PocketMusic for Smartphone version 2.0 released
April 28, 2005 [MS Smartphone]
MS Smartphone platform offers built-in music player - Windows Media Player - however if you need more features you can get a commercial player too:
PocketMusic for Microsoft Smartphone
What's new in PocketMusic Smartphone Edition 2.0:

- WMA playback (Windows Mobile 2003 or later required) with 10-band equalizer (Equalizer requires CPU operating at 200 MHz or more).

- Crossfading and Gapless playback.

- HTTP Streaming for MP3 and OGG (Shoutcast and Icecast Internet Radio Stations).

- Alarm feature – wake up to your favorite music!

- Sleep timer (stop playback after specified time)

- Adjustable fast forward/rewind speed

- Option to remember current playing position on exit and continue playback from that position after program restart.

- Automatic playback pausing on incoming calls.

To learn more about PocketMusic audio player, or to buy it (price: $19.95) click here.

Please observe that completely free BetaPlayer (available here) can play not only video but also audio files.

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