PocketMusic for Smartphone released

PocketMusic for Smartphone version 2.0 released
April 28, 2005 [MS Smartphone]
MS Smartphone platform offers built-in music player - Windows Media Player - however if you need more features you can get a commercial player too:
PocketMusic for Microsoft Smartphone
What's new in PocketMusic Smartphone Edition 2.0:

- WMA playback (Windows Mobile 2003 or later required) with 10-band equalizer (Equalizer requires CPU operating at 200 MHz or more).

- Crossfading and Gapless playback.

- HTTP Streaming for MP3 and OGG (Shoutcast and Icecast Internet Radio Stations).

- Alarm feature – wake up to your favorite music!

- Sleep timer (stop playback after specified time)

- Adjustable fast forward/rewind speed

- Option to remember current playing position on exit and continue playback from that position after program restart.

- Automatic playback pausing on incoming calls.

To learn more about PocketMusic audio player, or to buy it (price: $19.95) click here.

Please observe that completely free BetaPlayer (available here) can play not only video but also audio files.

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