Europe ripe for I-mode ???

DoCoMo Sees Europe as Ripe for I-Mode

DoCoMo Sees Europe as Ripe for I-Mode

NTT DoCoMo has launched its i-mode cell phone service in Britain and Ireland through a deal with British company mm02. DoCoMo believes it eventually could gain 60 million users in Europe alone as the Internet service gains acceptance. The firm is eyeing Scandinavia and Eastern Europe for future tie-ups.
Japan's top mobile operator NTT DoCoMo  believes Europe will embrace hi-tech telephones and expects a major boost in subscribers on the continent of its i-mode Internet service, a report said Thursday.

I-mode, which allows users to access e-mail, watch film video clips and carry out online banking via their handsets, currently has some three million subscribers outside Japan through 11 tie-ups.

But NTT DoCoMo reckons it can eventually draw 60 million users in Europe alone as the technology gains acceptance, with the firm eyeing Scandinavia and Eastern Europe for future tie-ups, company president Masao Nakamura told the Nihon Keizai Shimbun.

"The foundation for developing i-mode-based services in major European countries has been laid," he told the business daily newspaper.

On Tuesday, NTT DoCoMo announced i-mode's launch in Britain and Ireland, to start in the second half of 2005, through a deal with British company Mm02.

NTT DoCoMo has been a pioneer of third-generation telephone services, which offer high-tech functions such as videophones. The group plans to phase out existing second-generation subscriptions altogether by 2012.

But most of the world has been slower than Japan to embrace third-generation mobile technology, with concerns over the high cost of handsets.

In early November, British mobile telephone giant Vodafone became the first of Europe's major players to launch mass-market third-generation services, hoping to steal a march on its rivals ahead of the crucial Christmas sales period.

Versions of i-mode can operate both on second and third-generation handsets. 

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This seems chinese to me ;)

When do we europe poeple go and invest more in the wireless/mobile world? I surely want to do something in the mobile world but nobody offers me a job into it...

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