No Microsoft powered cell phones in Japan

NTT DoCoMo - the biggest Japanese cell phone operator says BIG NO to Microsoft powered cell phones
November 21, 2004 [General]
NTT DoCoMo says: "Symbian - yes, mobile Linux - yes, Microsoft - BIG NO". Well, previously NTT DoCoMo was very promoting wireless Java in its handsets and J2EE Java in its servers (to power i-mode services from NTT DoCoMo) so no wonder that now they chose only those mobile operating systems that run Java natively (as a part of OS, not as a lame add-on).

While many Microsoft employees were visting Japan several times - paid by Microsoft of course - it looks like their visits were totally pointless: not even one Japanese hardware vendor or cellular network operator decided to use Microsoft software (i.e. Microsoft Smartphone or Pocket PC Phone Edition) to power their cell phones.

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