Wireless environment for data access on a server

‘Wireless environment for data access on a server’

ISBN: 9090180354
Claes Vincent
Hogeschool Limburg
Departement IWT
Diepenbeek, Limburg



2003 / 2004


I have made my thesis in association with the Universidade de Vigo by the way of an Erasmus exchange program. Because of the extra dimension which offers internalisation to my studies, I was very motivated to make my thesis abroad. I have had the pleasure to work under the guidance of Associated professor, Ph.D. Luis E Anido Rifón with support of Assistant professor, Telecommunication Engineer Luis Álvarez Sabucedo.

The mobile and wireless industry is a fast growing sector. The fast business world where we are living in today is in need for mobile professionals that have at anytime, at any place access to data. Secondly, there is a growing demand for mobility in the ICT-sector. The nature of a wireless device has moved from a simple device to a multi-purpose multimedia device that can be used for different things. These devices must be integrated with the existing information systems.

Creating a “Wireless environment for data access on a server” is making a client / server application, where the information that we would like to present on our mobile device is stored on a web-server. J2METM (Java version 2 Micro-edition) is used for programming the mobile devices, this is the little brother in the Java family. The main advantage of using J2METM is that it gives full control over the developed application. The server side has been programmed under VB.NET, a Microsoft product. For the exchange of data between the server and client we have opted for an HTTP connection over which we send an XML file.
You can check an online simulation here:
Simulation on Sony_Ericsson K700


This is the substract of my thesis; if you want more information about it or you want to read the book just give me a sign and I will tell you how I can help you out!!

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'Skulls' Virus Disables Smartphone Apps

A new Internet Trojan-type virus is turning some Nokia  smartphones  into plain old dumb phones, the BBC reported Tuesday.

Dubbed "Skulls," the malicious code was spread by Web sites that offer phone users downloads of wallpaper, games, and ring tones.

It targets the Nokia model 7610 phones using Symbian  software. Once in the phone, the program replaces all the icons on the main page with skulls and replaces all the working applications, such as contacts, calendar, notebook with non-working versions so the phone becomes almost useless.

The only things the phone can do is old fashioned -- make and receive calls.

The Finnish anti-virus lab F-Secure said it had produced guidance for users to help them remove the program and get their phones working again.

Taken from wirelessnewsfactor.com


Maybe it's better to release this 'virus' as an application for some losers who still can't work with a mobile phone...

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Welcome to my blog

this site is dedicated to everything that has to do with IT, technology and mobile solutions.
Why is someone so stupid to create a blog concerning this material?
Well not because he is a nerd it's because he wants to be a mobile IT goeroe.

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